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Top Technologies that will Influence IT Education in the Future

Considering the amount of influence that information technology has created in the past few years, researchers got an inch that it may lead to some drastic changes in the higher education field as well. The hypothesis proved to be correct when the Educause Learning Initiative and New Media Consortium releases their most recent NMC Horizon Report. The technologies that have been split apart and considered to be the game changers in the field include learning analytics and game-based learning, to name a few. Here’s a larger scoop of information on the top technologies that will influence IT education in the future.

Mobile Applications and Tablet Computing Technologies

The leading software gurus have pointed out towards the shift in demand of user end products. Where previously people preferred using the bigger screen or laptops for different functions, nowadays the preference is towards affordable and free applications that can be used on smart phones and tablets without any hassle and higher efficiency. Many universities have already introduced a basic and advanced level of applications to the students for preparing them for more complex and innovative application creations. Apple iPad is already taking the lead in educating most the current students about mobile computing. Continue reading

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What’s on Apple’s Mind with iWatch?

Those who have already been following the Apple moves regarding the development of its latest business product- iWatch would definitely be aware of some of the big decisions that the board has been making lately. For those who have just joined the bandwagon, remain calm and read on for a complete coverage of the latest news.

Where businesses do not reckon any opportunity for introducing innovative products, most are left behind due to lack of resources and finances. This is definitely not the case with the iPhone maker, who is outrageously developing a new business product that has all the tech-ies and industry related figures attention fixed on them. Apple Inc is now found to be building the most unique and highest salary fetching team by hiring Senior Medical Technology Executives from the biotechnology field on impressive pay scales. The motivation behind this bring out an information technology product that maps almost everything, from blood pressure to sugar levels. Here’s what to expect from the iWatch. Continue reading

Utilizing Modern Technology to Enhance Students’ Learning

Over the years, the traditional classroom setting has already changed. Back then, only the teacher speaks inside the class and students just sit down and listen. These days, students are more involved in the class. They are given more activities to enhance learning. The best part is that with the use of modern technology, they learn more. Instead of frowning upon the arrival of modern technology which is deemed as a distraction for learning, educators now find ways in order to maximize its use.

This article will cover 5 apps and online services that can be used inside the class so that students will be more interested to learn. Teachers may start integrating these ideas for their next class.

1. Flashnotes. Everyone in the class hates taking down notes. When camera phones became popular, students learned to start taking photos of what is written on the board instead of copying them by hand. However, taking down notes is actually an integral part of learning as it allows the students to also understand what they are studying. This is why Flashnotes found a way to encourage students to take down notes. Those who have a very reliable set of notes may share what they copied online to help others gather resources. In return, they may also get some ideas from what the others have written down.

2. LEAP. Touchscreen computers and phones are already considered a necessity these days. It makes everything a lot easier for everyone. However, LEAP Motion took things to a different level. Instead of actually touching the screen, you are now allowed to do something with the computer using your hand or body movements. It is now easy to write, draw and interact with the computer using your hands. For architecture and engineering students, this is of huge help. LEAP is also accurate.

3. Celly. Teachers hate it when students are distracted because they keep on playing with their smartphones. This is why Celly banked on the interest of the students. Using their smartphones, classrooms now have become more interactive. Instead of doing all the discussions inside the class, students are exposed to various kinds of activities, even outdoors. They will then start sharing their experiences and ideas online. This allows even the not so active learners to participate.

4. Flipped Classroom. This is not necessarily a new technology, but a modern teaching strategy. It allows the teachers to present the lectures via video. The students will then have the freedom to watch it wherever they want. Later on, they will be given the time to consult with the teacher to ask about what parts of the lesson they have not understood or are not yet clear to them.

5. Glogster. This technology replaces the traditional ways of making collage or classroom presentation. Instead of using papers and coloring materials, students are now asked to edit photos, videos and create beautiful graphics using their phones. They are allowed to share what they have accomplished inside the class and have it posted online.

In many ways, modern technology can be very distracting and may affect learning in a negative way. However, there are also a lot of ways to ensure that modern technology is used for the advantage of the learners.